Keep Making Me

There’s this misconception that everyone else has it all put together – that in our own minds, we’re the only ones struggling. And honestly… how absurd. But how real. We compare ourselves to other people so much that we can’t do anything but have measuring contests and try to keep up with the Joneses. I’ve always been a person to reflect on myself and how things are going but Jonah has changed things for me in a way I didn’t expect. It’s harder to compare myself to others than it used to be because so few people have gone through the decision making process that we have. It’s impossible to get to a place where any of it feels… relevant. But here’s the deal – we’re not done yet.

We’re still being made. Every day brings new experiences that shape us and new perspectives to grind out the rough edges. Despite all of the horrors that people the world over have seen, blessings are forthcoming. I’m proud of being a Christian man who understands that living this life is one where I’m called to love people and do my best to live up to high standards, not pretend that I’m already there. I’m thankful of having been raised in the type of family that allowed me to come to my own convictions about faith so that my roots run deep and strong. Beyond any issues that are out there between people and religion – and they are many (MANY) – the faith I work to embody is one where I work to lift people up rather than push them back down.

In that mold, please take one particular focus as the days go on: don’t be hard on yourself. Life sucks sometimes. People come and go regardless of what you or I or anyone else believes and the only thing we can control is how we respond. There are days that I break down and can’t focus just like I have days where I’m relatively productive or feel more like myself than I have in a while, but they come and go with the tide and that’s ok. In each day I try to take a step back and realize that I’m a work in progress; to accept that I may not be at my best today but I still gave it everything I had and that’s enough. Because in the end, I believe Jesus is still making me, and I believe He’s still making you too.

Take a breath and be ok with the fact that you’re enough, today and each day beyond

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