Thirsty Thursday

Today has already been pretty shitty, no two ways about it. Stayed in bed way too late, took forever getting my food ready for the day, had a conversation on the way to work that made me anxious because I would have had it thought through had I gotten up on time, and my work day is already a little more stressful than I’ve handled (well) for a while now. Throw in how fantastic it looks outside and how much I’d rather be golfing or hanging out with my pups and getting projects done and we have a full-fledged garbage fest.

But you know what? It’s ok. I can handle it, it’s just been a while. The rest of the week will be just as beautiful as today, and I can get projects done this weekend if it works out that way. Work will always be work, no matter how you look at it. As we go through our days, we put all of this junk that really has no bearing on who we are or what we want for ourselves in a big old margarita glass and gulp it down, and it intoxicates us. Just a heard a frustrating conversation that wasn’t meant for you? A shot in that glass. Have some work dumped on your desk while you’re already up to your neck in deadlines? Toss another one in, just don’t spill it. Kids won’t behave, parents won’t behave, animals aren’t listening? All of this stuff that we pour right in is just a layer to each day, and we often give that layer more depth than it deserves.

I’m challenging myself today to pour out all that crap that is keeping me locked up in frustration and replace it with things that lift me up. Looking out my window and watching the leaves blow in the wind – maybe I’ll get to golf this weekend. I know my fur babies will be happy to have us home. Going to swim on my lunch break and clear my head, work out some tension and my back will feel better. Look at the ultrasound photos on my cube wall and think about feeling Jonah kick. I’m really more of a Jack and Coke person myself, so those are all things I’ll be filling my cup with over the rest of today and – if I’m good – tomorrow too. At the end of the day I’ll add some ice and sit down on my couch surrounded by my little family and drink it up, reflecting on how much better it ended. Perspective is everything, my friends. Just another lesson my son is teaching me from the heavens.

What’s in your cup?

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