Throughout this process I’ve realized something about myself that wasn’t easy to put into words, then it dawned on me – excuses. It’s so often that we have a tough day or feel ‘off’ and treat it as a barrier instead of a speed bump. Lately I’ve taken to using ‘Today feel an awful lot like Monday’. Instead of taking control of my mood and the day, I relate something uncomfortable about how my day has gone to what most of us consider the worst day of the week and in turn make an excuse. If I’m being honest with myself, it doesn’t stop there – I’m too tired to work out. I’ve had a hard day so I’ll pick something up for dinner instead of make something healthier. The excuses I come up with keep me from doing the things that I say have value in my life.

So here’s what I propose: Make this Monday…¬†different. special. brighter.¬†Make this Monday the thing you always want you Mondays to be, because this is the first day of a brand new week where you get to choose the course of your life and no one else. A brand new week where the sun will rise every day, where the people in our lives will have the impact we allow them to, and one in which we can choose to the thankful… or not. But when it comes down to it, it’s your choice. Life because of my son is much different than life without him, and on this day I choose to feel Jonah in my heart instead of my tears.

So what will you choose? Will this be a day that happens or a day you make happen? Is this the first day back or the first day forward? Make-This-Monday is about living life in an intentional way. My advice?

Make this Monday count


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