March of Dimes

We walked for you today. Hundreds of people raised money and went out to support other babies and families along with us, but we went out for you. Your grandpa Bernie and grandma Rhonda joined Mommy and I, and your team all combined to donate almost $500 to help other families have support in helping the fight to get to spend time together. The speech at the beginning was by a daddy who was close to becoming an almost father like me, but his little girl pulled through. Near the end of his speech, he talked about how he almost didn’t get that chance and how thankful he was, and I couldn’t help but think about how much I miss you. I want more than anything to walk I to that nursery and put you back to sleep. Even being able to hold you again, just for a minute. I kept watching for your sunshine to break through the clouds, but it didn’t come. The weather was perfect for us all to be there with you though – cloudy but not too cool, no wind, easy day for a walk through the city. I finally saw you when we were coming back to the finish line – someone had let a balloon go just before we came through. I couldn’t help but stop and watch it, hoping I’d be able to send up prayers with it that would reach you. I know you’re there watching us – I can feel you with me… but i wish it was because you were in my arms instead of just in my heart. I love you son. I hope you visit me in my dreams


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