Message Sent

Hey son,

We sent some 60 balloons far and wide for you, many with messages hoping that you’d know how much you are loved down here. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you. Every morning I either stop in your room to spend a little time with you or sit and hold my Jonah pendent, wishing it would be you instead. So many people came out to show support for your mother and I, and we all could feel how loved you were the whole time. Once, after I moved the car to the other side of the park, a gigantic flock of geese – we’re talking easily 100 birds here – got up from the field next to me and flew off right as I neared the middle of the pack. If they were next to me it’d have been one thing, but these geese were on the other side of the creek with no one else around – I knew it had to be you. Every time we gather for you – your birthday, the day we brought you home, your due date, your celebration – the sun always shined. It was supposed to be a cloudy day on Saturday, but just as people started to show up there it came, clear as day that you are something special. One day I’ll get to meet you and find out just how special, but for now I’ll just have to imagine a tiny little person who can light up the world, with the power to bring people together. It makes me proud to be your father even while I grieve. I love you so much, Jonah. I miss you

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