And we’re back

Well… it’s been a few weeks. Like, several. Lots of changes have happened, my son has come and been called home, and now I’m here. My counselor thinks this is a place that I should come to digest, to process things, or to spend time with my boy every day, so I’ll be picking this back up. There is a lot of backlog to get through and frankly, I’m not sure I’m ready for it. But I will, because I need to. Jonah’s story needs to come out, other fathers like me could find this and make a connection where they haven’t been able to, and I need to get these things out. Before that…

This fucking sucks. There is no heart break like losing a child, regardless of circumstance.

We’re having a ‘Jonah-bration’ this Saturday (April 9th, 2016) to celebrate and memorialize him. Balloons, cake, sunshine, kids playing and parents loving. It’s the best way I can think of to honor my boy – showing love to as many people as we can while giving them an opportunity to love him back. We’ll be sending balloons with messages to the heavens, hoping he gets to see them and know how much he is missed. I’ll be watching other families play, knowing I’ll only ever get to experience it in my dreams. Everyone will get to send something off that chooses to, from wherever they are, be it a balloon, prayer, or thought of love. There’s nothing greater than that.

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