Everyone Showers

With eight weeks until Jonah’s due date, we’re getting questions about baby showers. Those who know that we’re looking at Trisomy 13 have been more cautious about asking us, but it’s such a difficult thing. Since there is no way to know how much time we’ll get with him let alone if he’ll be coming home with us, it’d be so hard to accumulate all of this baby stuff, have the nursery packed, and then not be able to use any of it. We’ve had some people we work with bridge the gap to take us to lunch (which I prefer – spend time with us and celebrate what we have to celebrate), but there is a larger contingent of people who know we’re pregnant but haven’t been let into our situation yet. The day will come, but with the latest appointments so fresh I don’t know how soon it will be. Part of me feels the fewer people who know, the better – I don’t want any one to go through this pain that doesn’t have to. Time will tell…

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